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50 years to Gymnasium 116


In the top 500 best educational institutions of the Russian Federation


In the top 10 of the Department of Public Education rating:
- based on public education assessment
- based on high educational results and student achievements


In top 10 of the best schools in St.Petersburg, based on National Standardized Test scores


Regional winner of the National Student Competition


Twice the winner of the National priority project “Education”


Member of the "Schools as Partners of the Future” international initiative


Regional innovation site
for ”Effective Implementation of the “Educator” Professional Standard in Public Educational Institutions”


 The Gymnasium offers the following specializations:
- Humanities (starting in grade 5): with advanced study of Russian and foreign languages (English, German)
- Physics and Mathematics (starting in grade 8): Advanced study of Mathematics and Physics
- Advanced study of the English language (starting in grade 2)

The educational process is provided by more than 55 educators :

  • 3 winners of Russia’s “Teacher of the Year” national award;
  • winners of “Russia’s Pedagogical Debut” national competition;
  • 17 medalists of Pedagogical Achievements regional competition;
  • 10 winners of National priority project “Education”;
  • winner of “Best Leader of an Educational Institute of St.Petersburg” competition;
  • winners of regional competitions "Leader in Education", "Harmony, Welfare, Support”;
  • 3 distinguished teachers of the Russian Federation;
  • 3 teachers with Doctorate Degrees;
  • 26 educators hold national, regional, and professional awards.

 There are over 750 students in 27 educational groups:

  • Winners of the regionals and finalists of the National Student Competition;
  • winners of regional and international research contests across the full curriculum spectrum;
  • Participants of various cooperation programs with leading local universities.

Extra-curricular activities:

  • Creative clubs for children: Puppet theater, vocal and drama studio "Artistico", "Theatre of historical miniatures", Arts Studio, "Literature Salon", "German Theatre"
  • Tourist club "Storm": hiking, orienteering, expeditions (Spitsbergen, White Sea, Sayan, Caucasus, Baikal).
  • Athletic clubs: cross-country, football, volleyball, basketball, chess, martial arts.

The school has modern technology-based facilities:

  • All classrooms are equipped with educational technology - interactive whiteboards / screens, projectors, and computers with a local network connection and Internet access;
  • Two modern Computer Science labs;
  • Three mobile Computer labs;
  • Specialized digital labs for teaching Physics, Chemistry, Robotics, and Natural Sciences;
  • Stadium;
  • The school library holds over 30 thousand copies of educational texts and works of literature. .

Students’ Public Association "Gymnasium Council" implements the following projects:

  • Student intellectual Science Club “What? Where? When?”;
  • Several historical patriotic clubs;
  • Volunteer movements;
  • Cooperation with international children organizations, including Erasmus+;
  • Organization of holidays, festivals, and competitions: "School leadership skills," "Minute of Fame", "Star Hour", "Young talents of St. Petersburg", "Two Stars", "Personality of the Year".

International cooperation programs:

  • Annual educational and cross-cultural projects for teachers and students at partner high schools: Luisenstift (Germany) and Bruksgymnasiet (Sweden).
  • Access to free language courses in Germany through the Partner der Zukunft program. Administration of German language testing with issuing of international certificates.
  • Sharing educational expertise (seminars, forums, conferences) with educational and cultural communities of Armenia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Finland, Sweden and Estonia.


  • Dmitry Mintsis
    Principal of Gymnasium № 116
  • 16/2 ul. Novosibirskaya
    St. Petersburg, Russia 197342
  • Phone: +7(812)409-8340
  • E-mail: